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Two brothers have huge college loans.  The gambler brother, MATT, overhears inside information about a valuable piece of land, then bids money he doesn't have to purchase the property.  He borrows the down payment from a loan shark.

The conservative brother, BEN, is incensed.  How could they possibly pay off the balance? 

After watching a political debate for Congress, Matt has an idea.  Everyone asks "the undecided" to whom they are leaning.  Why not get all the undecided people together and form a political party, sell off the votes?

The brothers get some of their friends involved, create a website, promise all new member tickets to the big Oklahoma football game, and soon have 2,000 people signed up.

They send Matt to the Republican candidate, BOYLE, to see what he will offer in exchange for the "Undecided" endorsement.   "Nothing" is Boyle's reply.  Desperate, "Gambler Matt" bets he can buck Boyle's horse.   If Matt wins, Boyle pays the balance on the property.  When a male horse mates with the one Matt is riding, the boys are back at square one -- and they've lost all their party members to Boyle!

The boys later discover the land is worthless.  The jilted party members throw a class action law suit on the two brothers -- which doubles their debt!  And the loan shark wants her percentage -- OR ELSE! 

What's worse is Ben starts falling for the Democratic candidate's pretty assistant.  Is she really interested or is she playing him?

The boys find out Boyle is a cross-dresser.  But that "polls well" with the constituency.  Then Boyle's henchmen grab Ben, throw him into the backseat of a limo where Boyle awaits in full wedding gown.  "I hope we're not heading for a chappel," Ben quips.  Boyle offers Ben a high paying job in exchange for Ben's endorsement.  The catch, Ben must keep quiet about a power line that's causing cancer in hundreds of households.  Ben refuses.

Politics are no longer a money-making scheme for Ben.  He realizes that those in power have a great deal of responsibility and affect human lives.

Ben dissolves "the Undecided Party" reasoning that there is no excuse to remain undecided.  In our system of government, one must make an effort to learn all about our elected representatives.   After all, what's the alternative?


A lawyer (CARMINE) used to run with the sons of mobsters when they were teenagers.  Now Carmine's in trouble, caught on the wire in a bribery beef.  Does he dare go back to his ol' paisans for help?
TAKE THE FALL is a comedy with a lot of twists and a hilarious mafia Don who is losing his memory.
Carmine, gets "set up" as a hitman.  He's gonna "take the fall" for mob hits.  But Carmine has other ideas for his old pals.  At his trial, he brings them all up on the stand, exposes their awkward, bed-wetting childhoods for all to see.  And what will proud mobsters do when they are publicly humiliated?  Why not find out?  (Top 10% Nichol's Fellowship Contest.)
BELOW:  Photo of "Coffee House" rehearsals.  Standing, director Greg Vorob.  Seated, actor Brian Padgett.