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What if highly intelligent humans built a spaceship in the time of Noah to escape the Great Flood?  What if these humans have been living in the caves of Venus for the last 5000 years?  Short on raw materials, they have developed their brains, and have powers of ESP, telepathy, and can harnass static electricity.  Three such teenagers steal a Venusian ship, head back to , Earth, crash down on the property of a retired Oklahoman couple.  The military is hot on the alien's trail.   

Newly retired ODELL JORDAN finds the kids a nuisance, while his wife MARCIA thinks they're runaways.  When they realize the kids are "out of this world", and that the military will abuse the kids with a barrage of tests, the couple decides to hide them.

But then the grandkids come for a visit, befriend the alien kids. The alien kids are cool.  They eat cigarettes, drink toilet water, and can move things telepathically.  

The military finds the craft, returns to the house.  With Marcia and four of the five children at the mall, Odell and one of the boys barely escape.

Odell arrives at the mall, reunites with the kids, but the military is only minutes behind.  It's a race to the spaceship.  But Odell and the kids do not know that the military has taken it away.

This script was recommended by readers at Gaylord Films, and S. Hirsch Co.


1869. A distant relative dies in snowy Central Saskatchewan and adventurous youth, GEORGE FOX, fourteen, must save the dilapidated dairy farm. He heads to a town in the middle of nowhere and gets to work repairing the farm, a task made more difficult by antagonistic teenage boys.   

When the boys burn George's only carriage, George heads to town to confront the youths.   George sees the boys loading a cart full of feed and quietly follows them into the North Woods.   They lead George to a barn full of reindeer. The boys discover George and drag him back to town to the secret Black Buck Lodge.

Released, George catches a magical ELF in a rabbit trap. The elf promises; to take George back to the elf residence deep in the North Woods, and to release the spell cast on George's sick uncle.

George finds the house full of toy-making elves. The reindeer are prepared to take a load of toys to a distant locale. George is close to discovering the town's secret. A journey to Reindeer Lake holds the answer.

BELOW:  Leon stands center amidst the cast of "WHERE THERE'S NO WILL."  The reading in Hudson NY was packed with over 100 audience members and one actor with a thin, long neck (center).


The worst thing in the world to a teenager is to appear "weird" to her peers.  Imagine the horror of DAWN JOHNSON when her mother proclaims she is having an alien's baby.  It isn't enough that Mom, MARIE, just divorced her dad, but now she's getting "all psycho" and it's getting hard to explain to Dawn's friends.

But everyone seems to like the new homemaker Marie, who stays home and knits booties instead of rushing off to her high pressure banking job.  Marie is in a nesting stage and wants Mike to move back in, become part of the family again.  Younger sister, LORNA, desperately wants this too.  Dawn is torn -- part of the family, but why subject dad to this craziness?

   The alien visits, inserts the fertilized egg inside of Marie. This time, Dawn sees the alien father and finally believes the unbelievable -- her mother is an alien incubator. 

   Dawn tries convincing Marie of the dangers here, but Marie is in some kind of baby-trance and isn't thinking clearly.  Dawn must act before something terrible happens, or at least before the Harvest Dance which is only two weeks away!.
   Shortly thereafter, Marie lays an egg, and proceeds to roost on it.  "Oh my God, my Mom's a chicken!", Dawn exclaims.

   Hot on the alien's trail, the local TREKKIES hear about the egg, want to take it away, and sure enough, Marie decides that after the egg hatches, she's keeping her alien baby!
   The night of the big Harvest Dance arrives, and Dawn clings to her one night away from all the problems.  But she cannot have a good time. She rushes home to see a green light hovering over her house.  The alien father has returned, and he wants his baby!

The script was recommended by readers at Centropolis Films, and Edward Hansen Productions.